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Developing Strong Leadership Competencies


At Ehemann and Associates, our leadership development program is a simple, direct, and actionable series of seminars and workshops that focus on building the core leadership skills of front line and level two sales managers. Our program is designed to allow managers to easily adapt our leadership principles to their existing managerial style rather than force them to adapt their style to a rigid framework. The result is higher retention and greater behavior modification.

We help companies develop the leadership skills of their sales managers so that they are better able to lead their reps to make the sales plan. Our focus is on selling execution. Companies often develop sound strategies only to see average execution by front line sales reps and sales managers.

Three Reasons Leadership Development Programs Fail

1. Their scope is simply too large for participants to adapt to their personal style.
Our Level I leadership development program focuses on the five most fundamental core leadership competencies.

  • Hiring
  • Assessment
  • Communication
  • Prioritization
  • Time management


2. Many leadership development programs do not focus on experiential learning.

We typically remember less than 20 percent of what we hear. At Ehemann and Associates we believe in “learning by doing” Our unique process results in up to 80 percent retention of our leadership concepts. Our seminars and workshops provide simple, but powerful, models for each core leadership competency.


3. Attendees of leadership development programs are usually not held accountable for implementing the concepts they have learned.

Why is that? Sending managers to a leadership development program without a commitment to change, or accountability for outcomes, doesn’t make sense. What’s the point? While it need not be onerous, follow up and accountability are critical to the successful implementation of any program.  We work with you and your management team to implement an accountability structure designed to help bring about the cultural shifts necessary for any program’s successful implementation.


Duke is especially effective at helping sales mangers become strong leaders. He provides hands on, situational direction on how to build leadership skills. Duke understands the tactics of selling. And he expertly models this skill for others to observe and imitate. He understands sales strategies and is extraordinarily effective at teaching others how to do this.

--Mark Smits, Executive Vice President Commercial Operations, Quidel Corporation