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Building Leaders, One Manager at a Time

Duke Ehemann is much more than a global executive with experience in sales, marketing, customer service, product development and R&D. He is a leader who has attained his success by developing the leadership potential of his staff and organization.

In the Beginning

Duke began his career in sales, where his success was a direct result of his own efforts and creativity. At the dawn of his management career he had an epiphany: from this point forward, his success would be the direct result of the efforts and creativity of his staff and organization. He was no longer directly in charge of his destiny. He thought of Mark Twain’s famous advice, “If you put all your eggs in one basket, you had better guard that basket!” and modified it to his own personal credo, “If my success is dependent on the people around me, I will do my best to make them the best”.
He never looked back.

The Secret of Duke’s Success

Duke crafted his leadership style over the years and boiled it down to five fundamental leadership competencies: 

  • Hiring

  • Assessment

  • Communication

  • Prioritization

  • Time Management

A Leader Who Gets Results

He found these leadership skills applied as much to people in Europe, Asia and Africa as they did to people in North America; as much to people in marketing, service and R&D, as to people in sales. Among his many accomplishments:

  • Led his US sales region to consecutive Region of the Year awards, the first time in his company’s history that was achieved.
  • By developing the leadership capabilities of his staff in Southeast Asia, Duke was able to turn his responsibilities over to three up and coming staff members. This allowed for closing of the ex-pat office in Hong Kong, saving expenses equal to 5% of top line sales; all while growing sales by over 30% a year. He was given 5 years to accomplish the task, but completed it in just 18 months.
  • As Director, Western Europe, Duke led his team to Worldwide Number One his first full year on the job.

But it is in sales where Duke’s passion lies. He is fond of saying, “Nothing in business happens until the customer says, ‘Yes’”.

Now Duke, the consummate coach and developer of people and organizations, is bringing his wisdom and style to sales managers everywhere. Find out what so many others have found from working with this gifted teacher and mentor.


Duke is an ideal mentor and coach. He is a great listener, always asking focused questions to better clarify the issue being discussed. He has helped me improve my productivity, refine my leadership skills, and advance my career.

--Sherri Hopson, Divisional Vice President, Abbott Laboratories